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I’ve been avoiding resolutions quite a lot in the past several years. I may have written about it, and I may have made some or made some under a clever new word like “intentions” or something like that. The truth is, resolutions never really sat well with me. Because of what my brain likes to… Continue reading Resolutions

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We always do 

Around eight years ago now, my family went through a really hard time. Husband was sick- very sick- and there were two times we almost lost him. Daughter was so very small, and every single thing about it was hard. The worst part was Husband and the way he was behaving. He was so different… Continue reading We always do 

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There’s this amazing book for young people written by Jerry Spinelli entitled Loser. It’s about this kid named Donald Zinkoff who is too happy most of his life to realize that he is considered a loser by those around him. Well, it’s sort of about that. It’s about a lot of amazing and wonderful things.… Continue reading Loser

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Grown up peer pressure

Let me start off by saying that we don’t have a home phone. Husband and I each have cell phones and Daughter has the ability to text on her touch device. At age nine she does not have her own phone, but it isn’t necessarily because we don’t think she should.  You see, nine years… Continue reading Grown up peer pressure

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What I learned from shaving my dog

The past week has been hot. I say that completely recognizing the fact that had I not moved 2,000 miles east last summer I would be complaining that there was still snow on the ground at my old house. Still, even for the much warmer place I now live, 89 degrees on June 1 is… Continue reading What I learned from shaving my dog