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What I learned from shaving my dog

The past week has been hot. I say that completely recognizing the fact that had I not moved 2,000 miles east last summer I would be complaining that there was still snow on the ground at my old house. Still, even for the much warmer place I now live, 89 degrees on June 1 is… Continue reading What I learned from shaving my dog

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The unbearable hardness of families

Why are families so hard? I know it must be if not universally true then at least universally acknowledged that families can be difficult to deal with. I watch tv and I see it as a recurring theme. For some shows it is the entire premise. So why is it that the people who should… Continue reading The unbearable hardness of families

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This is a gift

    This post will be hard for me to write, but I have loyal readers now and a few have made a request. Also, some events have happened around my loved ones over the past week that have motivated me to share. I know it is hubris to think that my little blog could… Continue reading This is a gift