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Grown up peer pressure

Let me start off by saying that we don’t have a home phone. Husband and I each have cell phones and Daughter has the ability to text on her touch device. At age nine she does not have her own phone, but it isn’t necessarily because we don’t think she should.  You see, nine years… Continue reading Grown up peer pressure

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What my daughter taught me about race

In the teaching profession, if you’re lucky you get to be part of some absolutely wonderful professional development. Some of the best I can remember was around cultural diversity. The content was not delivered in a new and exciting way, nor was it particularly revolutionary in its content. Still, I learned so very much from… Continue reading What my daughter taught me about race

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Finding joy 

After my last post I’ve been actively perusing joy in the world. I’m making a real effort to see joy in others and find what is causing the happiness that can be found. An extraordinary role model in this “joy search” has been Daughter. She is a bundle of excitement and happiness, so I’m trying… Continue reading Finding joy 

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They don’t have to be anything 

It was Monday afternoon and I was happily enjoying a glass of water and secretly watching Daughter play in the yard with three good friends. All of these friends are boys, and I was feeling all smug about how awesome Daughter is, “holding her own” with these boys who play at Minecraft and spies and… Continue reading They don’t have to be anything 

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A culture of geeks

When I was growing up,  “geek” and “nerd” were insults hurled with four-letter-word status. They were two of the worst things you could be and the stereotypes that came along with those words were none too flattering. They implied thick glasses with tape around the bridge, pocket protectors, bow ties, high waisted pants, the terrible… Continue reading A culture of geeks

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I didn’t drop the baby

When Daughter was born we got a whole lot of advice. We listened to some, and we ignored some, and we found our balance and it was wonderful. There was also a whole lot of story telling from people peppered in with that advice. I get that now because I love to share stories and… Continue reading I didn’t drop the baby

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They grow up

Lately I have found myself sadly focusing on the apparent inevitability of Daughter growing up, and it’s really been getting me down. Husband and I both have had some rude awakenings where she is concerned lately, and we’ve not been entirely good at handling them. From her changes in appearance and attitude to the questions… Continue reading They grow up