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Our chairs 

I really wanted to write something about not cancer and leave it here for today, so I did. 

If I had to pick something in my house that shows me exactly what my husband and I are like, it would be our chairs. Take a good look at them. We’ve only had them a year and a half, and they were the easiest decisions we’ve ever made when we shopped. Neither of us had a single doubt about any aspect of our chairs. They were simply meant to be. One of them was already made in the store in this paisley fabric. I can’t remember which one me that’s not important. We fell in love with the fabric right away and decided that we’d have the same ok our chairs. Then we each chose the chair that was most comfortable for us, knowing that if they were in the same fabric they’d just go together. His is on the left and mine on the right. 

You might notice some things about those chairs. They’re both comfortable, sure, and I like his just fine. Mine is a lot more roomy, though. It’s got curves and is soft around the edges. It isn’t appealing to everyone, but it’s just right for some. I was told it would look good in a solid fabric and that the pattern might be a bit weird, but it’s how I like it. My chair is soft. It’s a bit dirty now, too, from being enjoyed so much. The back cushion is a bit smooshed from my head taking naps in it. It’s lived in. It’s loved. 

Husband’s chair is a lot more trim. It’s taller than mine and had thinner cushions. The seat itself is narrow and a bit higher up, so when I sit in it I feel like it’s letting me know this is just a quick resting place before it’s time to get up and go again. It’s a chair that reminds you to move and live. Still, it’s got an extra pillow, because everyone needs a little extra soft. 

You see, the chairs are perfect for us because they’re made of the same essential fabric. They’ve got the same strong wooden cores, too, and are crafted carefully. When we got married, Husband and I wanted it said in our ceremony that we were now one, but we would always keep ourselves separate, too. Our chairs are just that. Cut from the same cloth, made of the same core, but individual. And we really go together. 

2 thoughts on “Our chairs 

  1. I absolutely love this entry. It’s good for you to take a break now and then and write about something like this – something cozy, comfortable, lived-in. Like your chairs and your beautiful, blessed marriage. All my love to you and Husband.

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