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Security blankets

I’ve been sick a lot lately, so I wasn’t sure if I would even have anything to say today. I managed to pull together a quick thought.

The weather is changing where I am, and it is finally, thankfully, blissfully, beginning to cool off in the evenings. Husband made the comment at dinner, “It’s finally going to be below 60 at night. Maybe we can move the big fan so it isn’t blowing directly on us…” And I laughed at him. He laughed, too, I think, because he knew. 

He knew that as soon as it got cool enough, I would not move the fan. No. I would add more blankets. The thing that I miss the most in the summer is the feeling of being safe and secure and cozy in my blankets and sweaters. The weight of an extra blanket is simply one of the most comforting I can imagine. And now I’m wondering if that’s why they’re called comforters. 

I’ll leave you with that, and hope that you are finding your warmth as the seasons continue their slow march onward, maybe even with a security blanket. 

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