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Today, while eating lunch with my most delightful friends and coworkers, we were discussing the nighttime routines of our little ones. Mine, being not so little, is very independent in her evening preparations. One friend talked about how her son likes her to turn off the light for the last few minutes of his bath.… Continue reading Singletasking

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Moving forward 

I took some big steps yesterday. Husband let me tag along on some errands after we voted, and I conquered a few fears. It was my first foray into public as a “flat” person, and I was pretty nervous. I was less self-conscious than I expected to be when we were in shops and generally… Continue reading Moving forward 

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Soul food

  When you suddenly “have cancer,” you feel completely different mentally while feeling exactly the same physically. That’s how it was for me, anyway. My lumps (it turns out there were more than one) were discovered on a routine mammogram, so I was not experiencing any sort of symptom before my diagnosis. At Christmas, some… Continue reading Soul food

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A child’s gift

Today, I had one of those moments. You know the ones, in which everything just sort of happens and falls into place. In which it all feels so decidedly right. In which you feel valued and valuable. I had a prolonged one of those moments, thanks to a fantastically sweet little girl.  She’s the little… Continue reading A child’s gift

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The most wonderful time of the year

It’s finally here! It’s the holiday season and I am beside myself with the joy of the season. This year is the second for my family being back in the same time zone as all of our immediate family and this is the first year that we really have some flexibility. We had a quiet… Continue reading The most wonderful time of the year