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Setting myself up

There’s a phrase that I learned early in my career that has proven helpful in many aspects of my life since. I remember someone talking about how the best thing you can do for a child is to “set them up for success,” and it has been my number one rule as a teacher. It’s… Continue reading Setting myself up

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Pants on fire

I’m a dirty, rotten, no-good liar. I’m neither proud of it nor do I expect to change it any time soon. It’s how I’m getting through every day.  People with depression and anxiety get used to telling lies. They often say that things don’t bother them or that they’re not depressed or even upset. They… Continue reading Pants on fire

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Appropriately whelmed 

It seems like all I’ve been doing these last few months is waiting. I waited for results, waited for various doctors, waited for insurance companies and even more doctors, the waiting never ends. Tomorrow I will finally know when at least some of the waiting will end. I don’t have too much to say about… Continue reading Appropriately whelmed 

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Don’t think about zebras

I’m so tired of thinking about breast cancer, mastectomies, and reconstruction surgery. I’m tired of trying to get my energy and fitness up to speed up recovery and watching what I eat so I can lose weight. I’m tired of obsessing about my underarms. I decided not to think about those things for a little… Continue reading Don’t think about zebras

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The good old days

On February 7, 2013, I met an amazing author. Ralph Fletcher, writer of children’s books and guru about getting kids (especially boys) to write was teaching a session at a reading conference I was attending. I went to see him speak and learn from him because I so admired the memoir he wrote, Marshfield Dreams,… Continue reading The good old days