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The big things

I was completely prepared with this blog post. I was! I had a letter to hormones all planned out. Stupid, stinking, aggravating, unfair, child-robbing hormones.  Daughter has been going through some serious hormonal shizzle lately and I had just about had it. Monday morning was the single worst morning we’ve had together (that I remember)… Continue reading The big things

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With Daughter and alone

Long ago when Daughter was, I believe, around two years old I “had to” take a trip with her all alone. I say had to because I was sort of terrified to do the trip without Husband. Still, I wanted to see my family out east and he couldn’t get time off, so I decided… Continue reading With Daughter and alone

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A taste of independence

Lately Daughter has been getting little tastes of independence. She’s been traveling along on her scooter to visit friends in our close little section of neighborhood and then has ventured a little farther. She’s taken the dog on walks and even stayed home while I ran an errand. It has changed her.  After just that… Continue reading A taste of independence

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What would you like to do?

I’ve talked before about how I am a fan of the Love and Logic parenting and teaching model. This has given me a lot of tools and phrases to use in difficult situations with kids. The most powerful two are pretty simple, and they are “Bummer!” and “Would you like to hear what some other… Continue reading What would you like to do?

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My hypocrisy 

I really don’t like the “everyone gets a ribbon” mentality that has begun to permeate our dealings with children. There’s a whole culture around this idea that showing up is the equivalent of winning and it really drives me nuts. There are kids who win and kids who lose, just as there are adults who… Continue reading My hypocrisy