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I have this friend. She’s the sort of person who, when I refer to her as friend it isn’t the way I say it with almost anyone else. I have light in my eyes and a smile is always waiting to burst out. She’s one of those people who I would choose to put in my heaven. (I’ll have to explain that one later on in the week.) She’s a person who is amazing for more reasons than I can count and she’s been there when I needed her every time. She knows the darkest parts of me. She accepts them. She even hugs them. She’s a superstar. 

The way her life has played out and the way she was made to be part of the Universe means that having a baby, something she wants very much for herself, is no easy task. She has brought a community of friends (sometimes merely acquaintances or even strangers to each other) together to share with her in her journey to becoming the rocking mother we all know she will some day be. It’s one of the more impressive things I’ve ever seen in my life, her openness and bravery. Her hopefulness alone is, dare I say it, nothing less than inspiring. I love her and I’m amazed by her. 

The picture above is one she shared with us this week. She is in Las Vegas with some friends and it was time for her baby try. Her humor and joy is so evident here. 

It gave me an idea. I want to gather photos like this. I want to make a book. I want to record the stories of these ladies and their struggles. I want to be witness to their hope. I would call my friend’s picture “L(egg)s” and I would tell her story. I would tell how she touches those around her. I would tell about how her hope has given hope to her friends, and helped one of them get out of bed on many days when she felt like she couldn’t, because some day, there’s going to be an amazing Junior to meet. 

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