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Advice for Daughter

At some point in my life I know that I’d like to leave some pieces of advice, little nuggets of what I have to pass for wisdom, for my daughter. I’d like to think I’ve got lots of time for that. Even so, I’ve started thinking about what I want to tell her. Here’s what I have so far:

Talk to your pets. More importantly, answer in their voices, preferably with accents. This will make it difficult to be completely sad when you’re sharing your troubles with them. Trust me. 

Spend the extra 30¢ on the good sour cream. Store brands are generally just as good, but not in this for some reason. 

If someone doesn’t love you more than they value their job or possessions, walk away. You’ll never be happy with them anyway. 

I love you more than you love me and that’s really ok. Some day if you are fortunate enough to have children, you’ll understand. When I’m old and cannot take care of myself you will realize that you love me more all of a sudden. I will need it more then than now. 

No life is short enough to justify not purchasing good shoes. Don’t buy shoes to wear once because the discomfort you’ll feel is not worth it. Buy good shoes you can wear with tons of things. If you need a new pie to go with something for an event, justify getting good ones. You won’t regret it. 

That being said, spend more on experiences than on things. Go see the shows, take the trips, eat at delicious restaurants, and visit old friends. 

Don’t beat yourself up for growing apart from people in your life. Sometimes it comes back around and if it doesn’t, there’s a reason. If there are people who are always your friends, do what you can to be there for them when they need you. Don’t just attend weddings and funerals, but be a part of the smaller and very important events in their lives. Celebrate their heritage and pride with them when you can. You might be family to them and they need you to support them. 

Read. Read everything you want to read. Read daily and don’t let other people tell you what you have to read once you’re out of school. Even if it’s a classic, you’re allowed to hate it. Even if it’s pulp fiction, you’re allows to love it. Your mother enjoyed reading Twilight once. We all have our weaknesses. 

I love you. I loved you before you were born and I will love you long after I’m gone. You will never have a day on Earth when I do not love you more than I do today. 

That’s all for now. 

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