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Amazing advice

I’m a member in a few private groups on Facebook, and they are wonderful for me. My cancer ones are great because I can write things that no one I know will ever see. I am lucky to be part of a self care sharing group in which I know some of the members but… Continue reading Amazing advice

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Death of a hero 

When I was working towards my master’s degree in England, I had some pretty interesting people as my professor advisors. One was a tiny, old priest who I instantly trusted and adored. When I was working with him he recommended a certain book, which I discovered in my search in the library was considered a… Continue reading Death of a hero 

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One of my earlier posts, entitled Like isn’t blind, was  all about the like within our loves. Just yesterday I was searching for a particular quote about friendship when this one popped up. As a philosopher, Nietzsche caught my attention right away. I was surprised by the tenderness under the surface of this idea. It… Continue reading Friendship