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Finding joy 

After my last post I’ve been actively perusing joy in the world. I’m making a real effort to see joy in others and find what is causing the happiness that can be found. An extraordinary role model in this “joy search” has been Daughter. She is a bundle of excitement and happiness, so I’m trying to pay attention. Husband is a pretty dang happy guy himself. He’s gotten a reputation as being the man with the constant smile by the crew at his job, and he’s pleased to let that be what he’s known for. Husband whistles all the time, giggles to himself, and finds humor in almost everything. I’ve learned an awful lot about life simply by being near him, but it’s time to listen to the next generation. 

With such a great role model herself it is no wonder why Daughter has become so joyful. Most babies have a certain “live in the moment” attitude about them, and Daughter was no different. Her highs were amazing and her lows devastating. That’s not really something that changed as she grew up and we’ve been lucky to be along for the ride as she has had a lot more good times than bad. The thing about Daughter is that every good day is the best day she’s ever had. Her trip to Disneyland? Each separate day was the best day ever. Birthday party? Best day ever. Day we got new school clothes? Best day ever. Visits her uncle? Best. Day. Ever. Big stuff, little stuff, doesn’t matter. She’s so in the moment that each time it is wondrous. There was a time I almost sort of fought this. I used to say, “I know we had fun at the park, but we took you to Disney. This wasn’t the BEST day.” How dumb is that?! Let her have a thousand best days! Who cares if she’s always saying it is the best day or thing or movie or birthday or whatever? The thing is, it always IS the best because it’s the best of NOW. 

So that’s what I have been learning from my 8 year old daughter in the past week. She’s got so much to teach me, and if I’m open to it I bet it will all make me a better person. And hey, she’s almost 9, so I bet there are a lot more best days coming up pretty darn soon. 

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