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A taste of independence

Lately Daughter has been getting little tastes of independence. She’s been traveling along on her scooter to visit friends in our close little section of neighborhood and then has ventured a little farther. She’s taken the dog on walks and even stayed home while I ran an errand. It has changed her. 

After just that little taste of what independence is like, she’s moving very differently. She pops on headphones and swaggers her little hips. She walks like she’s on a runway. She is fierce. Her shoulders back, head held high, hands on hips, she will sing show tunes with reckless abandon in front of anyone because she doesn’t care. That’s not all that new, but she’s got presence now. Attitude. Persona. 

She’s growing up. It’s going to have its moments, but right now I will enjoy the fact that she is who she is and enjoy her as she discovers her sense of self. 

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