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Listen to the Universe

Husband believes that the Universe speaks to him through the radio. Don’t worry; he’s not crazy. Well, not too crazy anyway. He doesn’t hear voices or anything that bananas, it’s just that he believes the Universe in all its wisdom can choose for certain songs to be played to let him know things. Most of the time what he is told is that things are going to be ok. It’s a wonderful thing, I think, to believe in and I am glad he has it. There have been times when we have had a really bad day and those Universe messages have saved our sanity. What are “really bad days”? You know the type. One of those days in which everything that can go wrong does, but not on the small scale; all the big stuff starts to fall apart. Husband and I had a lot of those days in a row around a year ago.

When Husband and I decided to pick up and relocate our entire lives, we needed a few things to fall into place. There were a few key pieces that made the entire plan work out, and the real lynchpin was the need to sell his business. He had a solid business, one that had a powerful customer base, and had shown ability to grow by him tripling its value in the nine years he owned it. It was desirable, and people wanted it. At first. We had a lot of people who would make promises, near-guarantees to purchase, only to back out the day it came time to sign the official papers and put their money on the table. It was terrifying in a way I had no idea things could be. I learned the real meaning of stress, at least for me, and I now knew the limits of my body and mind. This is not always a good thing. Husband and I found out in that time, those crazy months, who our friends in Colorado were, and who our Colorado Family really was. Sometimes it surprised us, but that’s another story.

When I look back at that time, I know that my memories of it can never really grasp how horrible it was. It’s sort of like childbirth: you know the pain was immeasurable, but for some reason you just can’t completely remember it, though you logically know it was there. I remember when the second set of buyers backed out on us, and Husband and I found out later (we had been in different locations) that we both practically collapsed onto the floor, wept, and then vomited. We were the same; how romantic! This happened three or four times in the months leading up to our big move. I began to doubt the goodness of people. I became despondent and pessimistic (even more so than normal) and utterly devoid of any joy. Husband was similar, and that is a much larger shift for him than for me. We were both at the point in which we felt that the Universe was spitting on us daily.

Then one gray day Husband came home and told me that everything was going to be ok. He had talked to a new possible buyer, and this time it was going to happen. I had heard this before and simply snorted out a “Sure. I’ll believe it when I see it.” But he told me that this time he knew because the Universe told him on the radio. Now, I have no idea what songs it was (groups of songs are more powerful), and I doubt he could tell you now, either. Still, he was certain of this particular buyer because of the Universe speaking to him. There were bumps along the way, financing issues, people having doubts, a family illness on their part, but he never really stopped believing. He got a little nervous every once in a while, but he had a calm acceptance to sort of wait and see.

The Universe and husband were right and those were the buyers who helped us along our way. And the Universe, according to Husband, decided to apologize by giving us a buyer for our house before it was even officially listed. He had forgiven the Universe for all our trials and was listening to what the new messages would be. In the days immediately before we started our drive away from Colorado, the Universe spoke to Husband a whole lot. He was confident and assured that all would be amazing, and they were both right, again.

I envy Husband because the Universe talks to him, or at least I envy his faith. Sometimes when he talks about it he smirks as if to say, “I know it isn’t really the Universe talking to me,” but I think he just does that for my benefit. He has faith, and this faith is as good as any. I haven’t found how the Universe talks to me, yet, though I think I’m on to something. I’ll let you know in a few months. For now, I just encourage you to listen to the Universe in your life, because you might be amazed at what it’s telling you.

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