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My grass isn’t greener

Sometimes I think in blog posts the way I thought in status updates when I first joined social media in 2007. In my quiet times, usually when I’m walking around the grocery store or in the shower, I prewrite my next post in my mind. I have a conversation with myself about the quality, ask… Continue reading My grass isn’t greener

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I didn’t respond well

They say people are defined by how they respond in the worst of times. The news I got this week definitely qualifies for the worst of times. I continue to be semi-unemployed and did not land a teaching job with the district in which I live. The only district that I saw job openings for.… Continue reading I didn’t respond well

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I’m a quitter

I quit one of my jobs without having another one lined up. I hated the job, I was miserable, and it was making my anxiety and depression extremely difficult to live with, so I quit. Immediately I felt this amazing weight lifted off of my shoulders. I was liberated. I was free! I could breathe… Continue reading I’m a quitter

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At least I’ve got options

Here I go again, complaining. I know, other people’s complaints are a waste of your time. Go ahead. Ignore me. I don’t mind. I won’t even lay the guilt on you. People leave all the time… 🙂 It’s the holiday season and I am still looking for a real job. Husband has an interview this… Continue reading At least I’ve got options

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Wow.  Stress.  If you’ve been following this blog (I think there are three or so of you!) you know a few things. 1: I have been writing about the prospect of changing carrers/moving across country/etc. 2: There has not been a new post in a while. Reason for number two is heavily reliant on the fact… Continue reading Arrgghhhhhh!