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And the award goes to…

Like many people during this time of year, I like to watch some of the award shows televised for those of us not famous enough to score a ticket. I enjoy the gowns and tuxes in a sort of old Hollywood way. I also really like to see what movies look great as a result, because I don’t go to “grown up” movies that often, tough this year I saw a whole three that had something nominated- four if you count animation!  The awards shows preview for me aspects of movies that make me interested in seeing them beyond their trailers, from costume and set design to effects to acting, and I get jazzed up. Mostly, though, I love to see the looks on the faces of those nominated. Not just the winners, mind you, but the nominees in general. If you really look at them all night they have this expression of gratefulness on their faces. I believe that it truly is an honor just to be nominated, and they are proud to have been recognized by their peers or the Academy or the critics or whomever. 

As I watched the pageantry last night, staying up much later than was sensible for my morning of teaching to kids on Beijing time, all I could think about was how I wish I could be nominated for an award like that. Back in my former life, in my last year as a teacher, I was nominated for a lovely teaching award. It really was an honor just to be nominated, and the best part was the nomination letters of the parents who wrote about me. Being able to see on paper what I have done for students and families was a highlight of my teaching career that so many never get to see. I will never misplace those letters; they are in the “grab it in case of fire” place in my heart. Teaching is one of those professions, though, in which people do get recognized because it is such a caring place. What about those people who never encounter a situation like this? 

So many of us work so hard throughout our days, and not just at our jobs. We spend time on the little things each day, whether it is grocery shopping or cooking, picking up and dropping off, walking the dogs, administering medicines, etc. That list is a sample of some of the things I did today, the things that no one will even notice. You do things like this, too. You take care of your family or yourself. You provide a life, whatever it may look like, and give your body sustenance. There’s a lot more you do, too. 

For many of us, the awards should come for the simplest of all things because they can be the most hard.  I know a few people who should get awards for being able to get out of bed in the morning. Life is hard. Being a person is hard. You are up and about and doing something with yourself, for yourself. You might never receive a fancy golden trophy for your amazing efforts in life. In fact, you probably won’t. You might not even be fortunate enough to hear the verbal trophies we collect throughout out days. It is possible that no one will say “thank you” when you hold a door. You may never get a “good job” from anyone. For some of you (us), your self talk might not even be thankful to you for doing all of the amazing things you do each day. 

So here I am, thinking of you, and I’m ready to tell you: I am proud of you! You did wonderful things! You made a difference! You are AWESOME! Go you! 
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