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The good old days

On February 7, 2013, I met an amazing author. Ralph Fletcher, writer of children’s books and guru about getting kids (especially boys) to write was teaching a session at a reading conference I was attending. I went to see him speak and learn from him because I so admired the memoir he wrote, Marshfield Dreams,… Continue reading The good old days

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The big things

I was completely prepared with this blog post. I was! I had a letter to hormones all planned out. Stupid, stinking, aggravating, unfair, child-robbing hormones.  Daughter has been going through some serious hormonal shizzle lately and I had just about had it. Monday morning was the single worst morning we’ve had together (that I remember)… Continue reading The big things

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One of my earlier posts, entitled Like isn’t blind, was  all about the like within our loves. Just yesterday I was searching for a particular quote about friendship when this one popped up. As a philosopher, Nietzsche caught my attention right away. I was surprised by the tenderness under the surface of this idea. It… Continue reading Friendship

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Not my heroes

The other day at work, Husband witnessed the aftermath of what can only be described as a horrific accident. The things he saw, though just a fraction of what was at the scene, shook him to his core. He came home from work shaking and in tears, and his emotional state reminded me that one… Continue reading Not my heroes