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Yoga and yogis

I don’t know of a lot of obese people who feel super confident about themselves athletically. I’ve not always been obese, but I certainly haven’t ever felt good about myself as an athlete of any sort, always having been just slightly less than comically uncoordinated.  For that and countless other reasons, when I got excited… Continue reading Yoga and yogis

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More powerful than but?

A while back I wrote a blog post about the power of the word “but.” It got a great reaction and got me rolling on this whole blog business. It’s was my reflection of a change I made in my classroom, my personal life, and my parenting style, coming from a place of concern for… Continue reading More powerful than but?

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Here’s a little blog I wrote

In the 1980’s my mom had a big white t-shirt that had written on it, in bold black letters, all caps, “DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY.” She wore it as a swimming cover up and I remember being embarrassed by the shirt for some weird pre-teenage/teenage reason. I secretly loved the song but had judged the… Continue reading Here’s a little blog I wrote

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Success for me, too

I’m pretty sure that at some point on the blog I wrote about how Daughter was seen by outsiders as a delightful and easy child because of, in large part, the decisions we made to help her along. There were countless little things hat we did to make her seem like a trouble-free child, like… Continue reading Success for me, too