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I didn’t respond well

They say people are defined by how they respond in the worst of times. The news I got this week definitely qualifies for the worst of times. I continue to be semi-unemployed and did not land a teaching job with the district in which I live. The only district that I saw job openings for. My heart broke when I found out and I am still recovering. 

I will admit that my reaction at first wasn’t the best. In fact, I hit my own personal rock bottom. I wanted nothing more than to wallow in my self pity. I tried to wallow. I got pretty bad and self loathing. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt so poorly about myself. 

At one point I looked up and saw Daughter looking at me with tears in her eyes. She wondered why I was so sad. I told her that I felt like I had disappointed her and the family. I told her I messed up and let her down. I told her I failed. She looked me in the eye and said, “It’s ok. You will do better next time. I love you.”

Daughter didn’t tell me that I hadn’t failed or let her down. She didn’t claim to not be disappointed. At first, that crushed me more. Later I realized that she had given me a gift. She told me the truth and she let me know she still believed in me. 

If I will be judged by the way I responded to this crisis I may not be judged well. If Daughter gets judged, she’s gonna do ok. 

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