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It’s the little things

I get my nails done on the regular. Incidentally, on the regular is the youngest phrase I use. But I do. It’s probably the girliest thing I do in my whole life other than having most of the traditional girl parts. I don’t get my hair done often anymore, opting instead for a “let it… Continue reading It’s the little things

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When you just know 

When I’m feeling overwhelmed or stuck by what I have no control over, I get very focused on a future project. Sometimes it is simply rearranging furniture. When  I’m extremely lucky it’s about a vacation, but right now it’s about my body and what I can actually control. There’s not much that we can control… Continue reading When you just know 

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The middle of the war 

When you’re first diagnosed with breast cancer and you share the news with your family and friends, people tell you some pretty specific things. They tell you that you’ll beat this thing. You are a warrior. You’re strong. You’ve got this. Then, when there aren’t any more cancer cells in your body, they congratulate you… Continue reading The middle of the war 

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To be flat or not to be flat

    Yesterday I had a really bad day.  I went to get a temporary prosthesis to wear in two specific instances before my second mastectomy surgery: if I want to wear one of my two favorite dresses and job interviews. I planned to get one, for now, to “balance myself” and then get a matching,… Continue reading To be flat or not to be flat

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My heart

    As has been happening with a relatively alarming frequency lately, things with Daughter are quite a challenge. She is going through quite a lot, I know, and it is expected that she would have some adverse reactions. Being nine when your mom goes through breast cancer has to be hard, and her frustration is… Continue reading My heart