Lazy, but that’s how it goes

I was lying in bed this morning thinking to myself that I needed to write a post because it was Wednesday morning. I was calling myself lazy for not completing the post ahead of time, and then I wondered, is it really lazy? It isn’t! It’s having a different set of priorities. It’s making sure to take care of other, more important things, first. It’s taking the time to let my body be sick and to heal. It’s taking the time to rest. What it isn’t is lazy.

Then I got to thinking, we call certain actions and people lazy. We accuse them, but we don’t know, really, if they are lazy. Maybe they, like I, are having trouble and need to take the time to do things that look “lazy” but are actually important work for the body, mind, and spirit.

The more I thought about being lazy, the more I realized that the few people who actually are must really work at it. It is difficult to actually not do anything. It takes a level of commitment that I do not think I possess.

I decided I won’t judge. Even the act of being lazy takes a certain amount of work.

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