Thank you 

I went to see a new doctor the other day. I had some general health issues to talk about and was feeling a bit sick, so I decided it was time to find a physician to care for me in the long term. She came into the room and started asking questions and chatting to get an overall picture of my life. She spoke with me for almost 45 minutes before laying hands on me. 

Forty. Five. Minutes. 

Now, I’ve had good doctors in the past, and I’ve had crummy ones, too. But I’ve never had someone spend that much time listening to my concerns, history, symptoms, root causes, etc. She never even looked at the time. 

So when she was preparing to leave I said, “Thank you.” She was visibly shocked. “We haven’t figured anything out yet,” she cautioned. “Don’t thank me.” 

“You listened to me. You care. You’re going to work to figure this out, and you’re clearly awesome.” I actually said this. I was so exited that I said it all out loud. So was she. She smiled. I know I made her day, and all I did was thank her. 

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