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Tell me somethin’ good

I’ve wasted a lot of energy lately beating myself up over the things I don’t do well. Because of my personal predilections I have managed to perseverate on many of my less desirable qualities in order to try and reason out why things aren’t going the way I want them to. This is not only poor self care but it is also a meaningless and pointless exercise. That all being the case, I’ve decided to take a few moments today to try out a new practice. I am going to list some things I know I do well. There won’t be gratuitous self congratulation but a genuine look into skills I have that make me proud. 

I’m good at buying a car. Poor Husband had a car accident this week and we have been put in the position of needing to purchase a new (old) car. I went into this task with confidence because for whatever reason, I handle car buying with grace. It makes no sense given my anxieties and fears, but it’s a skill I do possess. 

I’m an excellent public speaker. As long as I am speaking about something I know, understand, and believe in, I can talk to a crowd. I spent a lot of years pretending to get nervous about public speaking, which is pretty ridiculous. Daughter does the same thing by pretending to have some stage fright before a performance. In teaching her to have pride in her lack of nerves, I’ve found my own. 

I am an excellent teacher. I know this to be a fact. I have things in the classroom upon which I can improve, but overall I do a damn fine job. I love and respect students in a way that makes them feel safe and able to learn anything. It is my greatest gift. 

There you have it. My little list of attaboys. Make your own list! Pat yourself on the back! Take a moment today to celebrate something you do well instead of beating yourself up about what you could do better. 

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