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Weather mood

Our girl in her prime

It’s pouring here. It’s gray and miserable and one of those ridiculous east coast summer rains that provide almost no relief from the heat and humidity. I’m a person who loves rain and storms, but today is not a day to enjoy it. Today the weather reflects the mood of my home. 

This evening, we will be laying our dear sweet old dog to rest. We love her more than words could ever say and we know it’s time. We trust her and we trust our vet and they’re both letting us know that it’s time. In times like this, for my friends, I’ve offered words from others about the wonderful nature of dogs. Words about the brighter side of loss. Words I thought were comforting. I don’t know what to say to myself, Husband, or Daughter. We’re all just empty. 

We will spend the rest of the day giving our girl all the treats she wants. She will live like a king on this last day, and she will know our love through pets and cuddles. She won’t feel fear. We will carry it for her.

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