How did this thing become ten?

Ten years ago at this time I was pretty far into my active labor and I had been for a while. I was induced the day before because Daughter’s heart was acting “a little funny.” I learned a lot that day and I’ve learned something every day since thanks to the addition of Daughter in my life. 

I learned that Husband and I are truly not the ordinary. The movies we brought to watch with us in our hospital room were what they described as odd choices. I knew that hearing Into the Woods would just make her want to get out into the world. That was considered an extremely odd reason to choose it. 

I learned that I could grab and pull something hard and for a very long time without feeling any pain, yet damage my muscles enough to make holding anything, including a newborn baby, incredibly painful for the next several days. I also learned that some feelings surmount the pain and it just doesn’t matter. 

I learned how very much I missed having my father in my life for these incredible milestones. Because of her “funny” heart, Daughter was not placed on my belly when she was born, but was immediately brought over to the little baby carrier where they could inspect her properly. Husband went over to see her and said hello and welcomed her and she turned her head to him and reached for his finger. All I could see of her was a slice of her face and my first words were that she had my father’s nose. Husband pointed out that it was also my nose, but all I could see in that bassinet was my dad. It was like he blessed her birth and I will never stop being grateful. 

I learned that I had never really known what it meant to be afraid until I was afraid for her. 

I learned that sometimes there’s no medical reason for anything. Daughter’s heart was perfectly fine and hasn’t acted “funny” since.  She just needed to be born. 

That day I met one of the coolest people I’ll ever know. She’s great company and has lots to say. She wonders constantly and actively seeks answers. She loves with her whole heart and I am better knowing her. She is ten. 

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