Happiness · Life

My old man is snoring

It’s raining. Pouring. Sheets and buckets and torrents of rain. Daughter is cleaning her room, which means she is in her room sitting in a chair and looking at the laundry on her floor until she hears someone in the hall, at chick point she jumps up and feigns cleaning. The dogs and cat are nestled in their favorite spots. Husband goes back and forth from staring out the window and sighing to sitting in his chair and “staying awake” while reading or playing games. 

And me? I am simply content. For the first time in ages I am wearing my favorite light cardigan- an article of clothing with which I have an unhealthy obsession. I enjoyed a hot cup of tea without breaking into a sweat. I read. I listened to the glorious patter of the raindrops in my own little forest. And now I am making no plans for the rest of my day. I am giving myself no single obligation. I may fold laundry. I may finish my book. I may even clean a bathroom or two. But for now I will make another cup of tea, stroke a cat, and be peaceful. 

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