Lots going on

I’ve been pretty busy lately. It’s interview season for teacher applicants plus lots of doctor appointments to get back into my new normal now that I’m done with surgery for a little while. Daughter’s birthday is a week away and it’s time to plan all of her things. And here’s of course the day to day running of the family and being back to my normal work schedule. It’s been busy, I’ve been tired, and I haven’t felt much like sharing. But I will say one thing:

At some point in my life, I would like to be as excited about something as my dog is every time I come home. I can be gone for an hour or a day, or even a weekend, and I get the same reaction when I come in. It is over the top love and hugs and affection. Frankly, it’s an incredible feeling to be on the receiving end. I can only imagine what it must actually feel like to be that excited about something. Fingers crossed that I can achieve this dream. 

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