My moment 

It’s that time in my life again- time to get my resume into the hands of principals and try to make myself look appealing on paper. I think I do ok. I mean, the two times I’ve submitted it I’ve gotten called based on what I wrote. Still, I will admit to some frustration when it comes to cover letters. I think they’re so hard. You want to demonstrate a bit of your personality without being unprofessional in your writing. You want to inspire confidence in your knowledge base but also get across your passion and love all from the gut. Tricky business if you ask me. I’ve been changing my cover letter just a little bit and thinking about what I say and what is hopefully in between the lines. Here’s what I wish it could say:

To the Administrators and Hiring Committee of XXXSD,

Looking for an elementary teacher? You’re done. I’m your girl. Seriously. I am not one to compliment myself. In fact, I’m more of the self-deprecating kind, to be honest. But with this? No way. I’m good. Very good. I inspire kids to read, write, solve problems, think, and question like you’ve rarely seen. I’m one of those teachers that kids remember. I genuinely care for and about them every minute of every day for their entire time with me and, often, for years after. I’m flexible and work well with others, and I’ll also offer input. If I disagree with you I will still respect you. If you tell me to do something that I do not want to do but have shown it’s best for kids, I’ll do it and do it well. I used to hate data, but now I get it and I use it. I may get behind in grading assignments sometimes, but I can tell you where each and every kid is achieving in any subject at any time. I’ll work for whatever you want to pay me- as a first year teacher or credit for any to all of my years. It’s not about that. I need to do this job. It’s who I am.

Here’s the gist, hiring people: I’m a great teacher who will do anything I have to do to make school the safe and happy space where real learning and love happens for every kid in my classroom every year, despite what is going on in the grade level, building, district, my personal life, and beyond. I’m ridiculously knowledgeable and if I don’t know something I will learn it. If you pass me over you will be doing a disservice to kids.


That’s what I want to say. I believe all of it wholeheartedly. I say much more professional things in my actual letter. But this time is it, dear readers. I can feel it.  This time is my moment.

One thought on “My moment 

  1. I love you! I love great teachers! I also love hearing people talk confidently about themselves. I haven’t applied for a job in years and years, for obvious reasons, and if I was applying for a job, it would probably be in Russia, which is totally different anyway. However, I’ve heard from friends how brutal the job market is these days. I wish you tons of luck and that they will see what a wonderful teacher (and person) you are.


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