Words, for the third time

I feel like I’m always talking about words, and today will not be different. Nuances are so extraordinary to me and the impact that our choices in words can have should never be ignored. An example from this week has hit me more powerfully than most passing observations I’ve had before. Like most it was wildly subtle, and does not indicate that any one person is better than others; some people just have an easier time expressing themselves and saying exactly what they want to say.

I’ve shared a frustrating situation with a very few people who surround my life. The people I have spoken to are wonderful and caring and the general response is, “Please let me know if there’s anything I can do.”  They’re great people and they mean this sincerely. I am overwhelmed and grateful to every one of them. One person, though, said this, “I am sure you have a great support system, but please let me know if I can do X, Y, or Z for you or with you.” Subtle and wildly impactful. My gratefulness for these words keeps hitting me in waves.

So, thank you, friend. You’ve made me feel supported and cared for. I won’t forget it.


One thought on “Words, for the third time

  1. One of the things about living in a foreign country, speaking a (difficult) foreign language, and knowing only people who speak English as a foreign language, I have noticed that I have different “levels” that I use for different English speakers. Of course, when speaking Russian I’m still trying to just use the right nouns. That being said, the nuances are often very related to culture and discovering them is fascinating.


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