Even though there’s still a month and a half to go, 2016 is already being called the worst year ever by many. There have been so many deaths that I, personally, am dreading the Oscars because of the “in Memoriam” section of the show. Between the deaths of celebrities across many fields and the feeling of more than half our country that we have seen the death of reason in the United States, people are over the year as a whole. Some people are passing a list around on the internet of great things that happened in 2016 to remind us that it’s not all David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and Leonard Cohen type stuff that happened this year. For example, because of the funding raised by the popular “ice bucket challenge,” this year researchers made some serious and amazing discoveries about ALS. Within the list is a sort of mini-list of things that are always around that should make us feel good, like puppies and chocolate.  The list made me start thinking about what has been good for me in 2016.

I got another year with the people I love. My mom didn’t die of cancer, as I thought she would. Husband got a job and two promotions. I reconnected with friends. I met Hagrid. My doctors really listened to me. A little girl in China loves me so much she just asked for my address to send me a present. Husband’s car accident left no one injured. I read good books. I drank tea every time I wanted to. I took naps. I got a sewing machine and made Daughter a skirt with TARDISs on it. I watched as Daughter performed multiple times with confidence and joy. 

Those are just the things that popped into my head. There are so many more, and I bet you have them, too. Let’s be thankful this coming week and remember that things are going to be ok. 

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