Who? Me? Selfish?

In my old life, my Colorado life, Husband had to get up incredibly early to go to work. There were some days I didn’t even classify the time as morning yet, rather as late at night. It was very hard to get used to him getting out of the bed (I know, poor, pitiful me!) and in the beginning I always woke up. It was sort of sad and lonely and not my favorite at all. He probably didn’t like it either. 

Then, as humans do, I got used to it. In fact, I sort of started to love it. You see, it always took me forever to wind down at night while he, exhausted from getting up when he did and working extremely hard, would fall asleep almost immediately. I’d read for hours and hours, and then have to deal with tossing and turning because he snores. (I snore, too, but that never seems to bother me. Again, poor me.) When he would leave, I’d always slide over just a bit and absorb the warmth of his sleeping place. The dog would hop up and snuggle with me while I spread myself out and luxuriated in the covers and my hours of remaining sleep. Since Husband is a good person, he wouldn’t moan about it but would kiss me on the head and leave for work, many days in temperatures far, far below freezing. 

Now the rolls are reversed. I’m the one who gets up stupid early and, although my commute is only down some stairs, I grumble the whole way. He’s so cozy and warm in the bed. Grumble. He’s sleeping so soundly he doesn’t even know I’m gone. Grumble. I got dressed in the dark just so he wouldn’t wake up. Grumble. 

This morning, for whatever reason, I had no super early classes. I got to sleep in. Husband, on the other hand, had to be at work by 7:00, so he got out of bed around five. I got to stay until 6:30. I did my old routine. I luxuriated. I cuddled. I warmed myself in his spot. And I felt a little guilty. I had begun to take for granted this special alone time. Even worse, I wasn’t gracious about sweet Husband now enjoying it. I made a promise to myself today to be more giving and to encourage Husband to scoot on over and revel in my warmth. He deserves to be a little bit selfish every once in a while. 

One thought on “Who? Me? Selfish?

  1. David and I just had this conversation about treating one another to sleep in when we have the opportunity. I think of my mom who got up each morning and made my father a hot breakfast…..AND she never drank coffee:) nor a negative word spoke (outloud).

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