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Roll reversal

When I was young, I remember watching the show The Wonder Years and loving every minute. Well, almost every minute. If you remember this show, you’ll know that it was narrated by the grown voice of the child main character. It was all about his life growing up in the 1960’s and how his youth shaped his adulthood. Although I was living in a very different era, I empathized with the main character, Kevin, to the point of occasionally needing to leave the room because he (and I) felt so embarrassed. I felt it with him. I loved and hated that show. 

Nowadays, Husband and I watch a lot dramas. We both needed a break from all the seriousness and I decided to try a show that was much like The Wonder Years, but made now and about the 1980’s. Husband and I were enjoying it, laughing along, having a great time… 

And then we realized something.

We no longer side with the kids. We are all about the parents now. We are undeniably grown ups.  When did this happen to us? When did we stop being the kids and become the people who laugh at the parent’s geeky one-liners and agree that that kid is way too irresponsible to drive. That kid cannot be in charge when the parents are away! I love the sappy wrap up at the end. I love the moments between the parents when you know they’re really in love. 

So that’s it. The rolls have been reversed and it’s really ok. 

And for the record, I still need to go away when something really emu happens. It’s be worst. 

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