In a galaxy far, far away

I was just shopping for my new clothes to help me build my new look and I was being really “good.” I only even tried on things that I thought would make me a little more put-together, a little bit polished instead of looking like I barely manage to get myself clean every day. I found a middle-aged, plus-sized uniform that I thought looked pretty ok and made me feel a lot more confident. And then I saw them. 

I was just grabbing some stripey leggings to go with some of my new tunics and dresses so that I’m not wearing plain black ones every day, and I saw some grey patterned ones out of the corner of my eye. I touched them. I picked them up. The pattern? Sugar skull Darth Vader. Not adult. Not polished. Not put together. I found my size. I put them back. I grabbed the socks I needed. 

I went to check out. 

As the fantastic saleswoman was taking security tags off my responsible clothes, I ran back. I grabbed them. I put them on the counter. I thought about putting them back but put back the socks instead. 

What’s the point of me telling you this? It’s really important to be the right person with the right look. It’s also really important to be yourself. Frankly, I like the part of me that wanted Vader leggings.  I totally know that it’s important to be responsible, but I can be responsible tomorrow. Today I have Star Wars leggings. 

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