This cigar is a cigar

Yesterday was one of those days when everything seemed to go wrong. My “I’m sort of sick” that I had been dealing with for almost a week became “Oh man, I’m actually really sick” all of a sudden, Husband wound up being all dedicated and conscientious in his job and got home super late, my first night out with a friend in over a year had to be cancelled, and because of an unfortunate accident we had to take one of the sweet dogs to the ER. It was a truly cruddy day for pretty much everyone in my house.

As I climbed into bed, feeling exhausted, nauseated, and hoping that tomorrow would be better, I began to wonder what my takeaway was from the day.Then I realised that I had no takeaway from the day. There was nothing that I learned today. There was no magical life lesson that I learned. I never had an aha! moment. It was just a day.

That’s how life is sometimes. Sometimes a cigar really is just a cigar or, in this case, a day is just a day.

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