Feels like home, again

So, today I was driving home after running a few errands, and it was a beautiful day. Daughter and I had attended her second parent/teacher conference of the year and it had gone really well. The testing to see if she qualifies for services is underway, she’s seeing all the right people in her building, she’s giving good effort, and her teacher actually hopes he has her again next year. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. I had windows down and daughter and I were singing along to Queen on the radio. There was a warm breeze feeling more summer-y than spring-ish, and I was feeling great.  As I went to turn up the street near my house, I saw the driver in the car in the opposing lane waving at me enthusiastically with a huge smile on her face. It was another pick-up parent, and I was overjoyed to throw my arm out the window and excitedly wave back.

Just like that, I knew I was home, again.

I haven’t needed my directions app to help guide me to the places I’ve been going for a few weeks now. There have even been several times when I was able to reroute myself to get somewhere else along the way or to avoid traffic. I have grumbled under my breath at the college kids who refuse to honor the crosswalk as I drive by the university. I rattle off my zip code, county, and township without even thinking about it. At this point, I’ve even been able to make restaurant recommendations. The thing is, it isn’t the place that makes it home, it’s the people. And getting to know the people who appreciate you for who you are, not despite it, are what make someplace your home. I’ve had the feeling of being home here already, but it was one that came and went, and it was because of the people that made my last place home. 

I’ve been missing some of my people quite a bit lately. I think it is because of spring, all the newness everywhere has reminded me that I am someplace that is not where I have been for the past 20 years or so, and it was startling. Exhilarating for sure, but startling as well. I was doing some social media and saw a piece of jewelry that made me feel so many thing: longing and love and joy and sadness. It’s simple, and can be seen here. The people at Lisa Leonard get it. Your heart can be in many places and it’s good to remember all of them. My heart is in California with a wonderful friend, and in Texas, England, Russia, and places all over the east with others. I hope to have this necklace one day, and the hearts on it will be in Colorado and Pennsylvania. That is where my heart spends most of its time these days, if not physically, then spiritually with the people it loves and who made each place my home. 

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